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Verena Ciutadella

Analogue photography has a long echo and many waiting times – waiting for the film to be finished, waiting for the photos to get developed. There are still many Barcelona photos waiting, and if you are not tired of waiting and of my summer city yet, I am going to post some more in the coming days. An echo of Barcelona, posted from Germany again. These ones show one of my favourite parks, Park de la Ciutadella – it has a little lake, old greenhouses, somebody plays the guitar here and there, and there is always a spot to read and nap.


Analoge Fotografie hat einen langen Nachklang und viele Wartezeiten – warten darauf, dass der Film voll ist, warten darauf, dass die Fotos entwickelt werden. Es warten immer noch viele Barcelona-Fotos, und falls ihr des Wartens und meiner Sommerstadt nicht müde seid, werde ich in nächster Zeit immer mal wieder ein paar Fotos hier posten. Ein Nachklang von Barcelona, wieder geschrieben in Deutschland. Diese zeigen einen meiner liebsten Parks, Park de la Ciutadella – da gibt es einen kleinen See, alte Gewächshäuser, manchmal spielt jemand die Gitarre, und es gibt immer ein Fleckchen zum Lesen und für ein Mittagsschläfchen.

Paper Sail – a journey and a guide to bookshops around the world

lesespitze und paper sail

I want to introduce to you my new project
Paper Sail – a journey and a guide to bookshops around the world

I love to travel and I love literature. During the last years, I realised that I tend to follow a certain pattern when travelling somewhere:
1. When I book the ticket to my destination, I immediately try and find literature related to my destination.
2. Wherever I go, I always look for beautiful and notable bookshops.

I had this dream of a bookshop travel guide. This summer, I decided it was the right time and place to start working on it: I talked to booksellers about their favourite writers and places in the city, and I took photos of their beautiful bookshops. I am sad I had to leave the city this week,  but I am happy to announce Paper Sail’s first stop: BARCELONA.

This is only the start of the journey. Have a look around, let me know what you think, spread the word and follow the blog if you like. There are more places and books and stories to come, so welcome aboard dear fellow travellers and booklovers!






train beach sea

traumgleisen / Sant Pol de Mar

meeresreihe / Sant Pol de Mar

paellablick / Sant Pol de Mar

vogelfund / Sant Pol de Mar

Sant Pol de Mar

We got on the train in Barcelona and went up north for one hour. There is only the beach between the water and the train tracks and there was so much time looking out of the window onto the sea until we arrived in the beautiful village Sant Pol de Mar. It feels good to get out of the city sometimes.

Elsewhere lately:
* Pudge Magazine has featured some of my Barcelona photos on their website.
* I’ve started writing articles (in German) about my favourite places in Barcelona for the new city trip magazine Andanza Mag.

this wasn’t it yet



“We treat desire as a problem to be solved, address what desire is for and focus on that something and how to acquire it rather than on the nature and the sensation of desire, though often it is the desire between us and the object of desire that fills the space in between with the blue of longing.”
Rebecca Solnit, A Field Guide to Getting Lost


The taste of last days is always sentimental. It makes me see again: the sea when the sun sets, a new coffee shop down the street, the lookout from another hill. The counting of last days increases the urgency. Now is the time I can still visit all the places I marked with post-its on the map in my room. But also: the fear I might have missed something. Didn’t I want to do this and that? i did so many other things that were not on the list. Summer happened. So many beautiful things, moments, people. I need to leave the city soon – to see it again from the distance. With the blue of longing. (and I might return.)


Letzte Tage haben immer einen sentimentalen Geschmack. Ich sehe wieder neu: Das Meer im Sonnenuntergang, ein neues Café in meiner Straße, die Aussicht von einem weiteren Hügel. Das Zählen von letzten Tagen erhöht jede Dringlichkeit. Jetzt kann ich noch all die Orte besuchen, die ich mit Post-Its auf der Karte in meinem Zimmer markiert habe. Gleichzeitig: die Angst, dass ich etwas verpasst habe. Wollte ich nicht dies und das noch tun? ich habe so viele andere Sachen getan, die nicht auf der Liste standen. Sommer ist passiert. So viele Dinge, Momente, Menschen. Ich muss die Stadt bald verlassen – um sie noch einmal aus der Distanz zu sehen. With the blue of longing. (und möglicherweise komme ich zurück.)

a taste of fish and lemon

paella 33 _ 1

paella 33 _ 3

paella 33 _ 2

paella 33 _ 4

paella 33 _ 5

paella 33 _ 6

paella 33 _ 7

paella 33 _ 8

paella 33 _ 9

paella 33 _ 10

Barcelona schmeckt nach flachen Weißpfirsichen. Nach Vermut mit neuen und alten Freunden. Nach Salzwasser unten am Meer. Nach richtig gutem Kaffee, überall, und an besonders schönen Orten hier. Nach Zitrone in allen Formen, am liebsten in Zitronenjoghurtform. Nach Paella, sogar für mich, die Meeresfrüchteanfängerin. Wie vor ein paar Wochen, an einem Sonntagnachmittag auf unserer Dachterrasse. Zur Siesta. Schönen Sonntag!


Barcelona tastes of Paraguayas, flat white peaches. Of Vermut with old and new friends. Of salt water down by the sea. Of really good coffee, everywhere, and especially on beautiful places here. Of lemon in all shapes, preferable as lemon yoghurt. Of Paella, even for me, a sea food starter. Like a few weeks ago, on a sunday afternoon on our rooftop. That’s siesta. Happy sunday!