Creating [Lautschrift]


Memories of proofreading, copy-editing and designing the first issue of our literary magazine [Lautschrift] at the end of April. Just a few months ago! Until then, Jen & I got the idea of a literary and art magazine for students up and running, we received so many submissons and support from friends and family. It is exciting to see the developement of an idea which went through many working hours in front of the pc, lots of coffees with my best friend and heaps of enthusiasm.

One weekend, the four of us – Caro, Nadja, Jen & I – spend the whole days in an office and looked at the single pages of the magazine over and over again. The two days were filled with poems, stories, photos and art – and the moving of lines, headings and other elements that now hold the magazine’s layout together as one.

The big day on the 21st of May! [Lautschrift] finally got printed and stepped out into the summer. (More photos about that soon)


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