Leaving Tübingen

It was the best place to get totally involved in literature: my studies, readings in the botanical garden and the discoveries of favourite books at the secondhand bookshops. It was a great place, not too big, not too small, to build up friendships that lead to Ireland, to the perfection of Irish Coffee, to lots of more coffee, to talks + thoughts + ideas; to inspiration and motivation between a wall and between a small city and a town; to the best friendship. Tübingen, the place to be and the gateway to other places, India, Ireland, Australia. Australia came back to Tübingen and wine evenings and visits continued in memory and the presents, another river house just without snakes. Love travels far and found the snow in Germany, added light and happiness to the winter months.  Tübingen, the perfect place to scroll around to find stories and to write stories (and everything else that does not rhyme) and to take a picture of all of it. And finally the starting point for something new, something that will spread even more stories and creativity, our magazine. Something to come back for.

Tübingen already turns into a bit of a sentimental memory.

It was the perfect place to beginn though. Off to the new old home Brisbane!


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