Exit Buenos Aires



Is there ever a right time to leave? The tango was still playing, I could still see new things in every corner of Buenos Aires, I still hadn’t tried out all the window seats in the cafés. There were things happening when I left.  The city looked too big from the sky, exactly what it felt like during my first days in Buenos Aires at the end of Argentinian winter, at the beginning of spring in October. The city wasn’t as glamorous and arty as they said: it was more than I had expected. It was more crowded, more dirty and poor and quiet chaotic. I stayed for one and a half weeks, and only when I left to go travelling north-west I realised what the huge city had given to me: so many words that filled my journal and pictures on filmrolls, lots of inspiration and – probably the source for most of it – the music.  The feeling of Buenos Aires followed me like the dust of a car on a dirt road: always in the rearview mirror while I explored the beautiful north-west of Argentina.

I took the exit only to return.

I’m back from Argentina now. It is white, cold, quiet in Germany. I’m still carrying Buenos Aires around with me, listening to Tango while I’m taking the train through winter wonderland. I got all my photos developed and will slowly scan and upload them, stretching Argentina as far as possible. There is still so much to write about, there are so many photos to go through. There will always be the look in the rearview mirror.


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