Siesta II – Mendoza

Mendoza Siesta 1

Mendoza Siesta 2

Mendoza Siesta 3

Mendoza Siesta 5

Mendoza Siesta 4

Mendoza Siesta 6



when the siesta stops...

Mendoza, another hot, motionless city in the middle of the day. When you can only put your feet into the pool, talk about books from Brazil and Bukowski, sleep for three hours without missing anything, and once the sun goes down, try out the local wine from Mendoza. Nice, relaxed siestas. I felt like I got all the time in the world – enough time for new ideas to start moving again.


One thought on “Siesta II – Mendoza

  1. Hello, Cindy

    Your ability is unquestionable with this camera, congratulations for the photos again.

    One suggestion for those who do not know:

    Once in your life you need to spend at least an afternoon in Mendoza. A small town with a fantastic landscape of the Andes in the background may surprise you and give memories for the rest of your life.

    Be sure to try the cabernet sauvignon Benjamin.

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