Susannah Simmons

Susannah Simmons



Susannah Simmons

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This was what I was looking for in Buenos Aires (and probably anywhere?): a favourite balcony. I found it at the great Hostel Ostinatto in San Telmo, Chile 680. There, I also met a bunch of wonderful people, including the violinst Susannah Simmons from Manchester. She came to Buenos Aires to play and to hear and to live the tango music. With her, I went to many concerts, sometimes she played, sometimes she only listened, always in the first row: she has to see and hear it all when the musicians start playing. She needs to be as close as possible to the music.

We both had also always admired the afternoon light at 4 pm, when the sun slowly calmed down from the brightness of a November day. One afternoon, two nights before I was leaving, we finally did a little balcony photography session. She played and I clicked on the shutter release. It was perfect.

Now, she’s back – Susannah, enjoy the melodies of Buenos Aires again!


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