On the portuguese road II






Immer zum Strand

Peniche Leuchtturm

Netze knüpfen



Lagos Leuchtturm

The portuguese got their own sad word: it is about longing, missing, home sickness probably as well as wanderlust. Looking out onto the ocean, you feel a glimpse of it. Portugal is such a small strip of land in comparison to other countries, half of it lies on the edge of the Atlantic. No wonder you start longing to be somewhere else; no wonder you would look back once you’re out on the sea already missing your home. Saudade is the word.

I imagine it not only to be sad word – it must be similar to longing, to Sehnsucht. And longing drives us to do better, to do more, to realise things, doesn’t it? It is the energy that makes dreams possible. And it felt like everything was possible while we kept on watching the waves.


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