by the way: [Lautschrift] #3 is out now!

[Lautschrift] #3 in Portugal

[Lautschrift] #3 Flyer

I had to wait for it – [Lautschrift] #3 arrived on a saturday, the post office was already closed, Jen couldn’t send the magazine to Augsburg anymore. It is always such an exciting and scary moment receiving the fresh printed magazines: you don’t want to look through in case you spot mistakes. You really want to look at it, all the prose texts, the photographs, the lyrics, how they feel when they are all bound together. So I got it on my birthday at the airport on the way to Portugal with my best friend – there couldn’t have been a better moment to receive the third [Lautschrift] which plays with the topic “Fremd”, meaning foreign/strange.

Get a copy yourself, not only for the way to the airport, but also for the summer, the curiosity, for new inspiration and lookouts. Here:

Do you start feeling foreign and strange at your doorstep or do you have to go further? [Lautschrift] #3 puts the «Foreign/Strange» into brackets, into long and short bits of prose and poetry, of a play, photos and drawings. In German and in English.
We are proud to present to you beautiful, impressing and surprising texts and art:

In Janina Hecht’s prose there are not only two lines that oppose one another. In Marcus Ertle’s story, two are waiting between philosophy, liberality and greed. Franz in Nepomuk Markgraf’s short story is simply Franz, you really have to get to know him for yourself. Jennifer Six’s chilli is not only a taste. Meltem Ciliz writes about the longing to last between words. And Michel op den Platz’ first person narrator sits between two bathroom tiles, realising.
There is more poetry, prose, photos and drawings and a play by: David Lütke, Lisa Moises, Martin Prechelmacher and Augustin Babel. Lena Moser, Justin Zinck, Alexander Göbel, Timo Marcel Hildebrandt, Lukas Petersdorff, Mira Kessler, Katharina Dück and Tobias Pagel.
A very unique creative output emerged from the cooperation with KATADROM in Istanbul: the winner text by Mateusz Jurewicz deals with a strange balance, Yasemin Utku and Jip Eilbracht capture the strange and the foreign in their glimpses of the world in Istanbul’s streets.

Once again, the jury offers to open their desk drawers, so that our readers can have a look into their work and thoughts: Mariana Leky talks about her writing world and the flamingo, Tom Schulz writes an essay on yesterday’s and the day after tomorrow’s poetry. Also, Peter Mackay discusses writing in-between two languages and evokes a sensual Cordoba in the following poem, in Gaelic and English. ORTSGEBUNDEN – this time we show the inspiring literary world of two university lecturers.

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