kitchen balance




It’s not a real dilemma, no. It’s rather a try to get it right with the tools available. The balance between a digital and a analogue SLR.

Since I got my Canon 650D I feel like I have to take all my pictures with it. The small moments, the loud moments, all of them. And for a part of it, it’s right. It’s perfect for the night, for portraits, for fleeting (meaning quick) moments, for [Lautschrift] photos that I want to put online straight away. However, it shouldn’t mean to put my Canon AE-1 on the shelf and leave it there as decoration. There are times when the picture doesn’t need to be crystal clear and immediately available. Yesterday, the light was so soft and dreamy in the kitchen. I got my analogue camera of the shelf, took all the time I had, really enjoyed the quiet little moment before I clicked the shutter release (it’s loud). I can’t show you those photos because they are still in the camera, are still a secret hidden in the black box until I’ll get them developed (still 24 pictures to go before the film roll is full). Until then, I can show you some other kitchen photos of my place from a while ago. Those weren’t made for clean digital shots; those were the quiet moments.

I’m working on finding the balance between using either the digital or the analogue camera. I want to give both of them emotional priority: I hope I can feel whatever format the moment requires.


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