My first little exhibition!

I’m so happy to present three of my photos at rheingold, a restaurant & café in Augsburg’s textile neighbourhood.

cake+camera im rheingold_1

"Zitronengeschmack" im rheingold

"Siesta" im rheingold

"On a Sunday" im rheingold

cake+camera im rheingold

It is so exciting to have my (usually 10 x 15 cm) photos up on a wall in size 60 x 90 cm! Up on a wall which is not my home – but rheingold is becoming more and more familiar…

It is a beautiful place, the ceilings are up high where thoughs can hang around and talks can escape to. In the background, the coffee machine works excellent, I tried their cappuccino over and over discussing which photos to choose for display. A delicious smell always escapes the kitchen, they serve tasty food from Sri Lanka, Italy and Swabian. If you are in the area, have a look inside and make sure you stay for a bit!

Prinzestraße 14
in Augsburg


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