white balance

grow into the light

Do they fit together? – or belong?

I like to seek and find. I don’t always connect things immediately and sometimes they – whether it be ideas, photos or stories – just come together. Finding new music, books and other stories also leads me to new paths and ideas. So I thought I might post some snippets I stumble across once in a while: books, music, other things.

Reading: Just finished Room by Emma Donoghue. Once I was past page 100, it pulled me in. Jen suggested it to me and wrote a nice review about exploring Room.

Listening: to the latest mix by the Kinfolk team: The Kinfolk Table Playlist. Wonderful collection.

& found: Anais Nin’s biography and Cees Nooteboom’s Das Parardies ist nebenan in the same secondhand bookshop and took them both home.


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