My tango story published in Another Escape #2!

Another Escape #2

Tango generation in Another Escape

Another Escape is a wonderful magazine from London, and I feel honoured they included my story and my photos of the new tango generation in their second issue!

“The new tango generation” is my story about four Argentinean men who have dedicated their life and their passion to the rivival of the tango: Luciano Sciarretta, Lucas Furno, Juan Pablo Gallardo and Fulvio Giraudo. I met them when I was in Buenos Aires a year ago, and they told me how they came to play the tango, about the importance of their national music nowadays. And while they were talking, they also played me some songs.

I was absolutely fascinated; in love with the music.

You can get your own copy over at Another Escape’s website, and I hope you enjoy finding out more about the current state of tango in Buenos Aires. All the stories in the magazine concentrate on “A creative exploration” as the subtitle suggests – 120 pages (yes, on beautiful paper) divided into Inspiration, Exploration, Process and Response. Indeed inspiring.


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