It’s the time of the year again. I’m thinking of the past months, counting the places I’ve been, how often I’ve changed film rolls, how many books I’ve read. I’m not actually counting though; rather just thinking about it, all the quiet and loud moments, the travels, the dreams, the happenings, the people. Some people count; I guess I memorize in atmospheres (which means: it’s not a complete summary, only glimpses).

Sometimes, along the way, photos hide underneath other photos. So  I looked through them again and will post a few I haven’t yet posted (I think) on cake+camera, all taken in 2013. Hope you enjoy my little photo summary of 2013!

Thanks for dropping by here, it’s always nice to have visitors! Come and say hi!







flower painting


cindyruch_trainstation milano2-2

sunny scones

travel on


ein sommertag

Lake Bled





#1: In Augsburg on a winter walk to work.
#2: Lake constance is a blurry dream from the train window in winter.
#3: I moved to a new place in January. Not this one. But it’s a nice area to walk around and find photo moments.

#4: Spent a wonderful 24 hours in London this spring. The swans stayed longer.
#5: Some flowers in a nice apartment in Hamburg. Great city, great (climbing) hosts!

#6: A date in Milano.
#7: Perfect: scones with my best friend and her boyfriend.
#8: A fantastic reunion with my west coast boys.
#9: A nice summer weekend with a friend from Scotland (not in this picture).
#10: Summer time in Stuttgart. And my first exhibition in Augsburg.
#11: I’m getting more and more curious about the east. First stop this year: Slovenia.

#12: Flowers at home.
#13: Autumn in Augsburg, my tango story and photos in Another Escape.
#14: [Lautschrift] is still around.


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