Another Elefant in Praha

another elefant



Do you remember my first post on cake+camera?

It was a photo of a fleeting elefant train at the Prague main train station. We were already sitting in another train going to Berlin, in the mood of moving on. I sat down, took off my jacket, changed the film roll – then I saw the elefant on the opposite train outside. I like elephants. I put the film into the camery in a hurry and I caught it, and it is still one of my favourite pictures. Only later, I spotted some more details in the picture like the little Praha above the front of the train. The blurriness shows the movement of travel. It was a good holiday.

At the end of November, I arrived in Prague again. The city had been in my mind ever since, but it took almost three years to realise it. Maybe dreams are good enough for a while if you enjoy them from a distance? I do think so, sometimes. Also, at the end of this long weekend, I spent some time at the main train station. Honestly, I had forgotten about the elephant. I was just after the usual “train station atmosphere”. I saw the elephant straight away. And this time, it waited for me. The afternoon sun (time for cake and coffee) appeared. I took my usual (slow) time to get another elefant picture.

The light was wonderful (and it leaked, again). Because of Prague? Because I finally changed the film to winter mood (ISO 400)? Because of the train station itself?

Oh Prague, you always get me in the end! (and then I don’t want to leave and then what?)

However, there is more than elephants and last minutes (although it’s always easier to start something new with something familiar). More pictures from (the beginning and the middle of) my weekend in Prague soon!


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