Finder Magazine #2

finder #2 page 56 and 57

Some of my photos got chosen for the second issue of Finder Magazine, a very sweet magazine full of dreamy and catchy photography. It’s a pleasure to be amongst photographers from all over the place (Canada, Slovakia, Poland, Spain and many more). It’s not only nice to look at their photos, they also tickle my wanderlust.

I asked the owner of Finder Magazine, Gabriela Grossmannová, a few questions. I was curious to know more about the idea behind the magazine – as a co-owner of the literary magazine [Lautschrift], curiousity and sympathy for other magazine makers come quiet naturally.

Gabriela, you just published the second issue of Finder Magazine. What inspired you to start an online photography magazine?
Everything started when I’ve signed up on flickr. This huge space allowed me to see oodles of quality photographs. I was (and I still am) amazed by their beauty. I love beautiful things and wanted to work with beautiful photos. At first, I was thinking about establishing a blog to post photographs, but then I realized I wanted to put them together so you can flip through it like you would do with a regular photo album. Issuu is great for this, as it makes the work a lot easier, especially for someone like me, who only just started making a magazine like Finder.

What makes Finder Magazine unique?
The focal purpose of this magazine is to create a room for self-presentation, that is, mainly in the area of photography. I always ask my contributors to write about the photos or anything else they like. I give them a space to introduce themselves with their photos and with their words.

How do you choose the photos that fit into the magazine?
I search for and choose primarily analogue photos. Portraits, landscapes, moments, whatever amazes me at the first sight. It should give me a nice, pleasant feeling when I look at it and I should see a message hidden in it. It always makes me really happy when people send me their portfolios themselves, without me asking, because then I can say to myself: “What I do (with the magazine) makes sense and at the same time, I make another person happy as well.”

You’re studying Aesthetics in Bratislava and you’re a photographer as well. Can you tell me a bit about your approach to photography?
Even though I’m finishing my last semester at my University, I will always try to find enough time for the magazine and for photography. I’m not sure if I can call myself a photographer in the true sense of the word. I just love capturing everyday moments on film. And I love searching for the moments even more. Since I’ve started to make photos more often, I realized that I am looking at everything in a much bigger detail, much more carefully – like through a camera’s finder (which also gave the idea for my magazine’s name) – and I imagine how that would look like in the resulting photograph. Like Ansel Adams said: „You don’t take a photograph, you make it.“

What makes Slovakia photogenic?
I work part time in a little shop downtown, right in the city centre actually, and I often hear from the tourists and visitors how much they love the combination of the old, historical buildings and the modern ones. Myself, I’m very fascinated with architecture and there’s really no lack of historical structures in Bratislava. There are so many nooks here where folks can rest and make a couple of nice photos at the same time. Plus, we have a beautiful country and nature sceneries. Our sierras, forests, mountains, valleys and the villages or small towns in them, castles, old fortresses, caves… It’s really all plenty of and it’s a true feast for the eyes and lenses of cameras. Just recently I saw a newspaper article about a forgotten forest in the Poloniny National Park (near the borders of Ukraine and Poland) where besides wolf, lynx and bear there’s still incidence of bison and the nature there is simply untouched by the human hand. There are still thousand-years old oaks. I, as a true nature lover, am enormously fascinated by this and I would definitely like to venture there sometime and at least photographically document everything.

Three favorites: which song, which book and which photographer(s) do you like in December?
Song: Nils Frahm – Went Missing
Book: Haruki Murakami – Norwegian Wood
Photographer: everyone in my new issue of Finder

-> Finder Magazine on Facebook
-> Gabriela Grossmannová on Flickr


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