4 days in Prague (I)


in prag war er gluecklick


viele zuhause


I always do so much walking when I’m in a big city. My shoulder hurts after a while from my bag which holds my camera and usually a book, sometimes also my journal to write things down I see but don’t take photos of. And still, I love wandering around. Sights come with every step as well as ideas.

I found:

* a market up the river and a great view on the castle while looking back
* many antique bookshops like this one down the street from my hostel: Antikvariát U Zlaté číše in Nerudova 212/16. I talked with the owner about the city and about wandering around. He asked me, if Dresden was my heart (as I was born nearby). When he told me about the town he came from, he liked using home for heart and heart for home.
* fascinating metro stations, so on my way to the new jewish cemetery (which is such a magical place) I got off the metro a few times just to look at the designs.
* many homes, many places.
* a café to have breakfast and write until the city’s awake.


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