Sleepy winter



This year, I wanted winter to be good
and I wanted to be good to winter.

I was motivated taking snowy winter pictures and intended not to complain about the cold too often. Ever since I missed three and two halves of a winter because I spent them in countries in the Southern Hemisphere, I don’t seem to adapt to winter that well anymore. However, this year winter did not come down to Augsburg but stayed in the mountains. Here, it is all grey. I miss the colours that spring, summer and autumn bring and don’t take as many pictures as usual.

So, winter is a bit quiet and my Canon might be a bit bored. But it gives me time to work on new things: I’m putting together a new exhibition (more about this very soon!), I’m thinking about a new photo project I will start as soon as there is more light outside. Last week, I prepared for spring and booked my first  little holiday this year: Scotland in April!

Have a nice sunday everybody – today, the sun is out!


3 thoughts on “Sleepy winter

  1. Hi! I came across your website via the interview you did with Frankie Magazine :) I’m an amateur photographer from Sydney who dreams to live in Europe, and it’s so interesting to see people who dream of living here! I enjoyed seeing snippets of your towns through your photographs~

  2. hello, thanks a lot for your comment! it’s nice to hear my photos travelled all the way to sydney. and it’s so true: many people are dreaming of living on the other side (or other parts) of the world. the dreaming probably keeps us going…

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