birthday girl

Ireland 08

ireland 08

ireland 08

ireland 08

You can never control longing. Sometimes, the feeling comes over you in waves. Jen and I feel similar about longing for another home somewhere else. It is Australia for me, it is Ireland for Jen.

We are not sure if it is wanderlust or homesickness. All we know is it makes us write. She wrote a fascinating and personal article about the meaning of Irish pubs in relation to the new documentary The Irish Pub. You can read it (and more) on her blog Working Title 6. Longing comes also with a nostalgic feeling, so I looked for some pictures I took in 2008 on our two-weeks-trip hitchhiking along Ireland’s west coast.

It is her birthday today, and I wish Ireland will soon come to her or she’ll make it to Ireland, but most of all: that it will always inspire her to create!

Happy birthday my dear.


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