good morning sunday

orange juice for breakfast

Last week, spring started according to the calender and according to the sun. We even had a lovely breakfast on the balcony. Only today, it is another rainy sunday. Time for a round of reading/listening/found…

Reading: Valeria Luiselli’s Die Schwerelosen (Los Ingrávidos) and loving every paragraph of it. It is about a woman’s life in New York dedicated to literature and social experiences, it is about memory, about Mexican literature, about the same woman’s life as a wife with two children and a husband living in Mexico City. It is all (about) literature. (and I marked so many sentences with my pencil.)

– Wenn du dich dem Romanschreiben widmest, dann widmest du dich der Verdoppelung der Zeit.
– Ich glaube, es handelt sich eher darum, die Zeit einzufrieren, ohne die Bewegung der Dinge aufzuhalten, ein bisschen so, wie wenn man im Zug fährt und durchs Fenster schaut. (Seite 152)

Listening: to Wolf in Loveland, a folk rock band from The Netherlands, especially to the first song.

Found: somebody else who also likes to imagine what it could be like living somewhere else (once more).


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