Paper Sail – a journey and a guide to bookshops around the world

lesespitze und paper sail

I want to introduce to you my new project
Paper Sail – a journey and a guide to bookshops around the world

I love to travel and I love literature. During the last years, I realised that I tend to follow a certain pattern when travelling somewhere:
1. When I book the ticket to my destination, I immediately try and find literature related to my destination.
2. Wherever I go, I always look for beautiful and notable bookshops.

I had this dream of a bookshop travel guide. This summer, I decided it was the right time and place to start working on it: I talked to booksellers about their favourite writers and places in the city, and I took photos of their beautiful bookshops. I am sad I had to leave the city this week,  but I am happy to announce Paper Sail’s first stop: BARCELONA.

This is only the start of the journey. Have a look around, let me know what you think, spread the word and follow the blog if you like. There are more places and books and stories to come, so welcome aboard dear fellow travellers and booklovers!







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