Christmas present: Calender 2015


The new year is approaching; christmas is approaching; it is all coming closer. And while thinking about presents and new year’s resolutions, it is also time thinking about last year’s happenings. Like my birthday trip to Scotland. A few days in Berlin. A best-friends weekend in Paris. Four months in Barcelona. And all these moments in between, just a spot of light on a wall in the afternoon.



I put together a Calender 2015 with my photos from this year’s travels. Each month is a special moment: an analogue photo taken in a quiet moment somewhere in Europe. And below, a quote about travel, writing and life. From inspiring persons like like Rebecca Solnit, Getrude Stein and Julio Cortázar.


The calender is now for sale on etsy and Dawanda and ready to be a christmas present. I send it out from Australia and, thanks to a lovely post fairy, from Germany as well. Order soon, so it can get to you in time!

And you can be sure that all money earned will go straight into new film rolls and therefore new pictures :) Thank you so much for visiting and your support, it means a lot!

Happy pre-christmas season!



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