summer on paper, summer through the window


feld im blick




Summer went by so quickly again; I split it in two, spent half of it at home in Berlin, and the other half in other places. Summer filled up so quickly – where did it go? I’m left on my desk with a pile of photos and papers, looking through the last months and through my Berlin window. Fullfilled.

During this summer, more of my travel stories and photos got published. If you like to read more about Chile, Spain, Copenhagen and Australia, please have a look:

archiv/e Magazin
Such a pretty magazine that puts blogs on paper. In issue #2, they published selected content of four blogs including mine. I am very happy to see my travel stories and photos on such beautiful paper:

Globetrotter Magazine
In January, I found summer, volcanoes and mate tea in Chile. My travel story about the ten-day trip is out now in the current Globetrotter Magazine:

Lost in
Each issue of Lost in focuses on another city and is therefore the perfect travel companion for your next city trip. For the Copenhagen-Issue, I interviewed food blogger Sarah Britton about her favourite places in the green city:

360° Australien
On my last trip to Australia, I wrote three stories for the magazine 360° Australien. Over the course of the year, they published them all, and the last one brought me straight back to great memories in a little town called Broken Hill:




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