This summer, I’ve been working on a new book for Reisedepeschen | listened to the new albums by Bill Callahan and Bright Eyes (so good and reminds me much of the old album I used to listen to in New Zealand 14 years ago) | read many books on the balcony, by the lake and by the sea like Christa Wolf’s “Sommerstück”, Virginia Woolf’s “Mrs Dalloway”, Marilynne Robinson’s “Lila”, Iris Wolff’s “Die Unschärfe der Welt” (what is it about all the wolves?) | hid from the outside world at home | baked cinnamon buns by Chestnut & Sage and galette by milas-deli and bread (almost) every monday | and just accidently made a list like last year and the year before last year, summer seems to call for short attention lists while looking outside and waiting for the sun to travel back on the balcony.