Bakewell tart and tango

the dress

empty plate

letters in manchester


Four photos from Manchester:

1. The moment before the tango concert of Frambuesas Tango. It was wonderful to meet Susannah again in her home in Manchester.

2. Coffee and Bakewell tart time.

3. Why do I find so many more letter boxes in english-speaking countries than in Germany?

4. The phrase “working class men” as I’ve learned at school got a face when I came to Manchester. This must be it. Things seem to work, they function. But it takes a bit longer to find beauty without a functionality. It was nice to see flowers at the end of the street in Northern Quarter, a quarter full of cute cafés.






the telephone



english national ballet


light london bulb

pub around the corner


I spent 24 hours in a city I hadn’t quite care about yet. It’s not far away, but I only landed on London’s ground once before – waiting for the plane to take off and fly further to Australia. We had to wait quite a bit as there was thunder and lightning outside.

It was so much different this time. It was sunny! And quite impressive. Although I’ve never been there before, there were memories everywhere. Of books I’ve read (Of Human Bondage, Lady Chatterly’s Lover…), of Australian places that have, of course, so much in common with English pubs and signs and streets (I simply explored the places the other way around – in regards to history). London is sublime and eclectic.

I’ll come back. It feels like there is much more to explore.