birthday girl

Ireland 08

ireland 08

ireland 08

ireland 08

You can never control longing. Sometimes, the feeling comes over you in waves. Jen and I feel similar about longing for another home somewhere else. It is Australia for me, it is Ireland for Jen.

We are not sure if it is wanderlust or homesickness. All we know is it makes us write. She wrote a fascinating and personal article about the meaning of Irish pubs in relation to the new documentary The Irish Pub. You can read it (and more) on her blog Working Title 6. Longing comes also with a nostalgic feeling, so I looked for some pictures I took in 2008 on our two-weeks-trip hitchhiking along Ireland’s west coast.

It is her birthday today, and I wish Ireland will soon come to her or she’ll make it to Ireland, but most of all: that it will always inspire her to create!

Happy birthday my dear.


Snow White and the seven rain drops

Once upon a time, there was a girl who found the place of the rain. In the city, the rain dropped softer against window and only touched her hair without soaking it. When she was outside she didn’t feel the rain anymore, it was as thin as air. Only when she stepped inside,

air turned into little drops of water
like beginnings turn into stories
like drops melt into keystrokes.

It was nothing more than the feeling for the right place. The city was everything and it could always be, from far away and nearby.

In June, I was there. When I left Porto, there was thin warm rain as if Dublin had stretched out his hands to the South to welcome me. It was colder though when I arrived. We watched the busy brewery from the balcony, had cups of black tea with milk; read Jeannette Winterson’s Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit and found a sentence for Jen’s master thesis and past, present and future times:

Round and round he walked, and so he learned a very valuable thing: that no emotion is the final one. (p. 48)

No weather is the final one either. There will always be a longing; for different weather, for a different place.

The keystrokes move with every change.

Dublin in May



Analogue photography has a special way to catch up with you while you’ve already taken the next step.

We were in Dublin at the beginning of May, a very fine family trip. For two days we followed scones, music sessions, the pathways and Jen to her places. We even ended up at the sea, smelled the salt, heard music from the corner of a pub and took the train back through the outskirts of Dublin. There was only a hint of rain when we arrived at the airport. Sunny Ireland indeed.

And now, while looking at the photos from May, I just came back from another trip to Dublin. Those photos are still in my camera though and need some more time and moments until I’ll get them developed. Is it an Irish circle? Dublin in June soon.

Beautiful music from Dublin till then: Cry Monster Cry.