Calendar 2017 – photos, literature and travels

Kalender 2017

I remember: the ice cream trailer in Canada, the late afternoon light from a bus in Italy, the New York City skyline from the ferry, the dancing palm tree in Berlin; I remember twelve moments from this year – from far away and nearby places. From my travels and from home. And I have printed them on paper again, for a whole new year.

The cake+camera calendars for 2017 are in!

Ich erinnere mich an: den weiten Atlantik in Kanada, das späte Nachmittagslicht in Italien, die Skyline von New York City von der Fähre, die tanzende Palme in Berlin; Ich erinnere mich an zwölf Momente von diesem Jahr – von fernen und nahen Orten. Von meinen Reisen und von Zuhause. Ich habe sie wieder auf Papier gedruckt, für ein ganzes, neues Jahr.

Die cake+camera Kalender für 2017 sind da!

Kalender 2017 Juni

Let me take you to those places: to Canada, New York, Italy, Poland, the Baltic Sea, Donaueschingen and Berlin. Month by month, there will be wanderlust and literary inspiration. My analogue photos next to writers’ quotes.

Quotes about travel, art and life. To keep on walking, thinking, longing. From inspirational people like Susan Sontag, John Berger and Frida Kahlo.

And once a month is finished, you can send the pictures as postcards to other places and other people.

For a beautiful new year!

A4 calendar with spiral binding on 300g/m²-postcard-sturdy paper. 15 Euro.
Now available at my online book store Fernlese:
(website is in German, sorry… but you can also send me a message in English to post(at)fernlese(dot)de.)

I am very thankful for your support of my photography and I am going to put all the proceeds into new photo projects in 2017.

A whole new year 2017

Begleitet mich nach Kanada, New York, Italien, Polen, Donaueschingen, Berlin und an die Ostsee. Monat für Monat gibt es Reiselust und Literaturinspiration. Meine analogen Fotos neben literarischen Zitaten.

Zitate über Reisen, Kunst und Leben, die zum Nachdenken, Sehnen und Weiterlaufen bringen. Von inspirierenden Persönlichkeiten wie Susan Sontag, John Berger und Frida Kahlo.

Wenn ein Monat vorbei ist, könnt ihr die Fotos als Postkarten an weitere Orte und Freunde schicken. Von zuhause oder unterwegs.

Für ein schönes, neues, entfaltungsreiches Jahr!

A4-Kalender mit Spiralbindung und 300g/m²-postkartenstarkem Papier. 15 Euro.
Ab sofort erhältlich in meiner Onlinebuchhandlung Fernlese:

Ich danke euch sehr für die Unterstützung meiner Fotografie – alle Verkaufserlöse des Kalenders werden neuen Fotoprojekten 2017 zugute kommen.

Kalender 2017 Oktober

a morning

mercato I

mercado II

mercato III

mercato IV

mercato V

Sometimes I forget the photos I’ve taken with my digital camera; I’m so focused on finishing the film in my other camera and getting it developed, that it seems to be too easy to look at the digital photos. I simply drop them on my laptop so they are saved. So easy to forget.

But there’s always a surprise waiting – today I found these ones again! They were taken in the morning at a pretty flea market south of Florence, in Arezzo. On that day I had just arrived on the night train in Italy.

Splash of Venice

from academia bridge





While travelling back and forth on three different night trains to and from Italy in June and July, I read the “The slow train to Milan” by Lisa St Aubin de Terán and although I couldn’t always quite grasp the young British girl’s mind who followed her husband from Venezuela she married without understanding his language, there couldn’t have been a better book to read that time. Books always take you closer to places and in between places. I recognized Florence, I recognized Venice. I recognized her restlessness. However, Venice wasn’t raining and cold and lonely as it was in the book. It was wonderful.

César and I had lunch on the train. As the wheels began to turn, I realised that it was not the people that I was tired of or bored with, it was the place. I wanted to move from one place to another. I had always moved, from home to hospital and back, and then abroad. I enjoyed the mere act of travelling. I didn’t want to go anywhere in particular, I was just restless, and I didn’t want to stay anywhere either.
(Lisa St Aubin de Terán: The slow train to Milan. Penguin Books. 1985, Great Britain. p. 28)