Slovenia in September: The mountains


vrsic pass_2

triglav national park_3

vrsic pass_3

bauernhof bei bled

triglav national park_2

last evening

It only took three hours to drive from the sea into the middle of the mountains. We went hiking and looked down on lots of trees and the valley.

At 9 pm, the town was quiet, the stars were bright, the air fresh. We sat outside for a while with some red wine, talked about our own travels and places we want to live and we do live, about coming and leaving.

Marion and I haven’t lived in the same area again since highschool. Years ago, we all moved into different directions. She lives in New York now. It was really nice to spend a holiday together, have some time. There are so many things that come with moving places and things we have in common: the longing  to be somewhere else. saying goodbye. saying hello. flying on our own. having more friends in places around the world than where we live. making new homes in new places. finding music and the little things everywhere we go.


Slovenia in September: The coast

breakfast by the sea

camping gate

good camping life



paper sails

picknick in piran

The Slovenian coast stretches for only 45 kilometres – we drove a bit along it, we walked along it. It felt like a mix of Italy and Croatia, we were tempted to say “ciao” all the time. One day I wish to live by the sea – isn’t there anything more eternal, more dreamy, anything that can touch your wanderlust more than the sea? Looking out onto the water, everything seems possible.

Slovenia in September: In the city

Briefe in der Sonne

Zwei Nektarinen


Gestreifter Spiegel




Petit Café

Petit Café


Marion and I spent a week in Slovenia; how beautiful and how comfortably small this country is! When we arrived in the capital city Ljubljana, it only took us fifteen minutes to walk through the city to the other end of the canal. This was actually relaxing; it gave us enough time to take detours, have another coffee, buy nectarines from the everyday market, walk up the castle, sneak into the library and take pictures of little and big things.

I’m going to post our one-week trip in three posts: city, coast and mountains. Hope you like them.