Within reach

offene hand



It looks like autumn but those photos are still from December. We went for a day to Stein am Rhein which is a beautiful old town in Switzerland near Lake Constance. And just like in Brisbane, there was a house hiding behind the trees like a spy. Or maybe it is just nestling up to the leaves of the tree. Winter might still come.


Brecht hoch 3

brecht hoch 3

Last weekend, Augsburg got the Brecht spirit: the Brechtfestival took place. Verena and I visited a theatre play which happened at the same time in three different places. On screen, we saw the Brecht play set in Chicago and Osaka and on stage, Bluespots Productions showed their own interpretation of “Der Ja-Sager und der Nein-Sager” (He said yes and he said no). It was fabulous. Verena wrote an article about it (in German) and added some of my photos on her Schreibstation. Have a look if (you understand German and) want to know more about literary happenings in Munich and around!

4 days in Prague (I)


in prag war er gluecklick


viele zuhause


I always do so much walking when I’m in a big city. My shoulder hurts after a while from my bag which holds my camera and usually a book, sometimes also my journal to write things down I see but don’t take photos of. And still, I love wandering around. Sights come with every step as well as ideas.

I found:

* a market up the river and a great view on the castle while looking back
* many antique bookshops like this one down the street from my hostel: Antikvariát U Zlaté číše in Nerudova 212/16. I talked with the owner about the city and about wandering around. He asked me, if Dresden was my heart (as I was born nearby). When he told me about the town he came from, he liked using home for heart and heart for home.
* fascinating metro stations, so on my way to the new jewish cemetery (which is such a magical place) I got off the metro a few times just to look at the designs.
* many homes, many places.
* a café to have breakfast and write until the city’s awake.