Literaturmagazin [Lautschrift]

[Lautschrift] is a literary magazine for prose, poetry, plays, essays, photos, drawings and ideas, straight from Baden-Württemberg’s and Bavaria’s universities. Jennifer Six and I started the magazine in June 2009 with lots of E-Mails and Skype conversations between Dublin and Brisbane during our study abroad. From May 2010 until May 2013, we published three issues. We created, edited, came up with ideas, found new talents and friends at other universities, encouraged people to create and write and submit, and most of all: are best friends who own a literary magazine.

For me, it was also a chance to visualise the magazine through my photography and design.


[Lautschrift] #3 | “Fremd” | Spring 2013

[Lautschrift] #3 in Portugal

[Lautschrift] #3 [Lautschrift] #3 Flyer Herausgeberinnen

[Lautschrift] #2 | “Aufbruch” | Spring 2012

[Lautschrift] #2 Flyer


more pictures of [Lautschrift] #2 soon

[Lautschrift] #1 | Spring 2011


[Lautschrift] #1 Flyer




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