black-and-white winter



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Der Winterhimmel ist grau. Ich suche nach Farben, nichtsdestotrotz. Manchmal blinzelt die Sonne durch bei -5 Grad. Merke beim Aufziehen des schwarz-weiß-Filmes, dass ich anders gucken muss. Nicht nach Farbflecken, sondern nach Konturen, Schatten, Kontrasten. Mit Schnee ist das Grau heller, sieht von drinnen schön aus: beim Umziehen, Müslimachen, Frühstücken. Auf der Fahrt entlang des Bodensees. Aus dem Zugfenster. Besonders aber beim Aufwachen zu neuem Schnee, der im Süden fällt und liegen bleibt. Noch ein Traum, in Berlin. 

Winter’s sky is grey. I am looking for colours, nevertheless. Sometimes, the sun shines at five degrees below zero. While winding the film I notice I need to look differently – not for colours spots but for shapes, shadows, contrasts. They grey is lighter with snow, looking beautiful form the inside while moving, making muesli, having breakfast. Driving along Lake Constance. Through the train window. Especially though when waking up to fresh snow falling in the south. Still a dream in Berlin.



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Sleepy winter



This year, I wanted winter to be good
and I wanted to be good to winter.

I was motivated taking snowy winter pictures and intended not to complain about the cold too often. Ever since I missed three and two halves of a winter because I spent them in countries in the Southern Hemisphere, I don’t seem to adapt to winter that well anymore. However, this year winter did not come down to Augsburg but stayed in the mountains. Here, it is all grey. I miss the colours that spring, summer and autumn bring and don’t take as many pictures as usual.

So, winter is a bit quiet and my Canon might be a bit bored. But it gives me time to work on new things: I’m putting together a new exhibition (more about this very soon!), I’m thinking about a new photo project I will start as soon as there is more light outside. Last week, I prepared for spring and booked my first  little holiday this year: Scotland in April!

Have a nice sunday everybody – today, the sun is out!